Univerge 3C

The NEC Univerge 3C is a comprehensive software-based unified communications and collaboration solution that integrates various communication technologies to enhance collaborative experiences. This system is equipped with a fully functional IP-PBX and offers a broad set of voice features as well as sophisticated unified communications (UC) and collaboration applications.

Key features of the NEC Univerge 3C include:

1. Connect, Communicate, Collaborate: It’s designed to meet the stringent security and interoperability requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense, ensuring robust and secure communication.

2. Smart Directory: Offers a view of all contacts, their phone numbers, and their availability within the enterprise.

3. Rich Presence: This feature allows users to identify others’ availability based on their phone status, calendar information, and preferred contact device.

4. Single Number/Mailbox: Enables a single phone number for multiple devices and combines mobile and office phone messages into a single mailbox.

5. MS Office Outlook® Integration: Synchronizes meeting calendars and contact groups for seamless communication.

6. Instant Messaging/Chat: Provides a less-intrusive alternative to phone or video communication.

7. Customized IVR and Automated Attendant: Facilitates automated information retrieval and 24×7 call routing.

8. Interactive Call Screening: Acts as a virtual personal assistant for call management.

9. Softphone Functionality: Allows employees to use their computers or mobile devices for calls.

10. Audio and Desktop Video Conferencing: Enables multi-party conferences and video conferencing with ease.

11. Collaboration Tools: Includes features like multiple-party video display, presentation/file sharing, white-boarding, and remote controls.

12. Call Recording: Offers on-demand or automated call recording capabilities.

13. Contact Center and Operator Attendant: Efficiently routes calls, webchats, and emails to appropriate employees.

14. High Availability and Flexibility: Functions across premises, cloud, or hybrid environments and supports up to 6,000 ports with up to 20 nodes deployed in the network.

15. Certifications: Certified by JITC and accredited as a UC Session Controller by the DoD’s Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

16. Extendable Functionality: Compatibility with key components like SIP trunking, enhancing capabilities and reducing operating costs.

17. Software Assurance: Provides software subscription and support to ensure the software remains current and well-managed.

The NEC Univerge 3C is a versatile and secure solution that caters to the dynamic needs of modern enterprises, offering a wide array of features to enhance communication, collaboration, and operational efficiency【6†source】【7†source】.

Multi-theme support

AS3 is responsible for developing the Desktop/Mobile clients for this solution in close communication with the server team located in Chicago USA.